We tend to take for granted people around us, services that we have so called “paid for”, everything in our life we take it as it was owed to us either because we’ve paid for it or because we believe we’ve earned it or simply because we think we deserve it.
All is just an illusion, all come to our life because the energy or God (which ever form he has) was generous enough to bring people or things into our existence for us to learn and grow.
So let’s stop a minute and be grateful for the people in our lives who contribute to our life journey: our teachers, our parents, our spouses, our children, our friends, our cats or dogs, any living being.
Let us be grateful for the bad and the good, the losses and the gains, that we experience each moment, the oohs and the aahs we shout during adjustments. Let us be content and grateful for this moment.

Our gratitude to our teachers Paalu, Weilin and Tiantian who are committed and devoted to their teaching. Gratitude for their patience and listening ear.

We are blessed so thank you God, thank you teachers and thank you parents.

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