I have always wanted to attend a YTT course and am very grateful to be able to make it for this intensive course. There will always not be a right time and I am glad that I finally decided to take the plunge and just do it! Very grateful for those around me that made this happen.
Grateful for my supportive spouse. The constant support that he gives, be it taking care of the kids while allowing me to sleep late/ study on weekends, bringing dinner for me while I study at home, taking videos or photos, chipping in for household chores, etc.
Grateful for my in laws who helped to look after my kids since it’s school holiday, preparing dinner for us daily and even helping me to bind my course notes.
Grateful for my boss for allowing me to take a one month no pay leave to fully focus on this course. For my colleagues, who needed to do extra work, covering my work load while I’m away. For the company, which is so understanding and supporting my decision to take this course.
Grateful for my teachers, for sharing their knowledge, experience, wisdom. For their dedication and commitment to ensure we learn and absorb as much as possible.
Grateful for having a group of caring and supportive course mates. It is such a privilege and joy to be learning with this group of people.
Grateful for my healthy mind and physical body. To be able to go through the vigorous daily strength training, ability to immerse in the numerous topics that we discussed and talked about and basically just enjoy the entire process.
I am truly blessed and contented.