With grace, strength and focus – Natarajasana

I used to practice ballet when I was younger, but since my knee injury, it was quite difficult to go back to the same intensity of it. And so when I first started practicing Yoga, hearing ‘Dancer Pose’ (before learning the Sanskrit names) in one of the classes, I was so excited and looking forward to mastering this pose.  
‘Dancer pose’ instantly lets me visualize how the asana should be – Graceful. And when I first tried it out in class, it was indeed a very beautiful asana, and at the same time, requires strength, flexibility and balance. 
I love how dynamic Natarajasana is, and all the physical benefits that comes with it. Every part of the body feels stretched, working from the chest, shoulder, groins, thighs and abodomen (the list can go on for all the muscles it works). Besides working on the physical body, practicing Natarajasana develops concentration and balance, and gradually as i practiced, I realize how and why this quickly became one of my favourite asana.
There is so much grace and strength in this pose, and not only am I in love with how it changes the body, but also how it reflects attitude towards all daily happenings. Natarajasana is a glorious heart opener that reminds me of how we should approach life, with an open heart and open mind. At the same time, it is a fully engaged pose, which requires all the dedication and focus to stay in it. To me, Natarajasana is a beautiful asana that emcompasses all attitude I hope to reflect in this dance called ‘life’ – dedication, focus, strength, grace, and an open heart.
Sharon Lee