Because nothing good is easy

This weekend marked the mid-point of my yoga teacher training and it has been a meaningful ride.
15 weekends of non-stop training means a lot of changes to my lifestyle- limited and shorter nights out and temporary good-bye to weekend trips and brunch and many other fun. Everything else I could cope with, but the stop of all trips drives me fairly crazy sometimes. And I know many friends, knowing the fact that I took over 40 flights each year for the last 3 year, doubted I could make it.
Well now I’m confirming with you all now it isn’t easy, because nothing good is easy.
“I know how frustrating it can get but you set yourself this goal so don’t let short sightedness detract you. Stay strong. You know it’ll be worth it!”, said the supportive boyfriend. Ironically he just reminded me of one of the most important value we truly honor and worship in yoga – Tapas – our austerities, encouragement and determination to achieve a goal.
So why yoga and what have I gained in return of compromising “many other fun”?
To make it clear, I love my current job and I don’t go to yoga as a basis for a career change. Of course every job has its up and down. Everyone has bad days. I may have moaned about my job but I’m assuring you I like it and have no intention to quit my job and be a fulltime yoga teacher, at least not now. I have been practicing for 3 years and my original intention to yoga practice is actually to steer myself little by little away from my day job, aka stop myself from being a workaholic. The kind of zen cocoon I want to create for myself to calm the mind down and roll around the stress and craziness of a consultant life.
It takes two to make a lot of things happen, which, in this case, are time and principle. As I tell many people, if you love to do something so much, you’ll make time for it. So stop excusing. Same rules apply for people!
And for last 7 weeks of training, I have also learnt a few things:
1. Say no to many invitations and stay calm when people belittle my training – I wasn’t good at saying no and I wasn’t particular patient at explaining what I am doing with my life to people. Now, I just smile and apologise. I’m grateful that a few of my friends have taken over the explaining job for me.
2. Go steady with my healthy diet. – I have forgotten all my hard rules on diet for the last 6 months of last year and now I’m back on track and can still proudly say “ I don’t know how to get fat!”.
3. Learn to respect my body a little more – I got a hip injuries a few weeks back trying to practice for a pose that I hadn’t been able to do. The doctors, my classmates, friends and teachers all tell me to go easy on my body and rest my hip. I got frustrated with my bad right side but the past two “rest your hip” weeks has proved that the poor hip did need some time off.
4. 10 good yoga push-up a day – I will come back on telling the story of my chaturanga in detail on another day, but I do want to let you know this was my quest for the first 5 weeks of the yoga teacher training. Got it effortlessly on Valentine Day!
5. Head down, legs up with a smile – Erica, one of the assistant teacher trainer, has reminded me quite a few time about my facial expression in certain asanas. It was a good laugh and a photo on Tirisula yYoga instagrame has also proved it was ugly. So I have started this mantra whenever I prepared for my headstand “You don’t want to look ugly upside down”. Well it kinda worked.
Just to end the note, maybe one day I could do a career change.
Que sera sera!
Kate Nguyen

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