Gomukhasana ( Face of Light)

This beautiful pose makes wonders for its deep release of  hips and shoulders  simultaneously. It releases hidden tensions in joints , nerves and muscles. Staying in the pose may stimulate digestive fire hence to improve elimination.Overtime , this pose produce serenity, the natural state of a cow at pasture. (Go means cow/light) Eventually , that serenity unfolds into a radiant spiritual light.
begin by sitting in hero Pose
exhale sitting to the left side of your feet
inhale as you erect
exhale folding your right leg over the top of your left, bringing your feet to the sides of your hips , with your knees nearly on top of each other .
inhale stretching your left arm over your head , folding it so that your palm can reach down your spine.
exhale reaching your right hand across the back of your waist as far as possible . then flex your elbow so that your hand reaches down your left hand. if possible , grip fingers together .Keep the back of your hand towards your spine.
inhale expanding your chest as you firm the grip of your hands. Breathe steadily for 6 to 12 rhythmic breaths
exhale releasing your arms
inhale stretching your legs out to stick pose. Then reverse the pose.
Avoid sitting on your feet, rather keep them to the sides of your feet. It is more important to maintain an erect posture , its alright if you do not manage to to even touch your hands. If you DO NOT touch your hands , connect it with a towel . After a few breaths, you can slowly move your hands closer together to deepen the opening of your shoulders. AVOID stressing your lower shoulder , as it is in a vulnerable position that could stretch ligaments rather than muscles.

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