I really like this asana, although, I cannot do it on my own , I have to have somebody to pull me and twist me in order to get my hands to touch. In the 4 weeks of the course I only managed to do this asana in full, twice.
This is an asana that I will be working non stop until I manage to do it on my own.
Benefits :
Opens the hips- especially beneficial for tight IT band and gluteals.
Opens the shoulders- especially targeting tight rotator cuff muscles.
Opens chest and thighs
Stretches the triceps
There is always something to work on in this posture. Ideally the person will have both sit bones weighted evenly, a block can be a great help here if one side is lifting off of the floor. Engage the feet slightly to avoid rolling the ankles and to maintain good ankle knee alignment. Ensure that the ribcage is resting over the pelvis three dimensionally- i.e., the back the ribs line up with the back of the pelvis and the front of the ribs line up with the front of the pelvis. Due to tightness in the chest and shoulders, many students will pop the ribcage forward in order to link the fingers behind their back. Try to keep the elbows close to the body and the ears in line with the shoulders.
Carla Cavaco

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