Let it go…

As a human being, I think we tend to have difficulty of letting go in life. Well, at least for me. Be it people, thoughts, mistakes, ideas, objects – we have a tendency to be possessive to a certain extent that we do not realise.
The art of letting go is something to be mastered and yoga has definitely helped me to a certain extent. Yoga brings awareness to be in the present. While being present, there shouldn’t be any thoughts on the future nor the past. When there is no focus on past or present, there is no sense of possessiveness. It clears the thought and helps to rethink what possession means.
Aparigraha – a part of Yama, is about non-possession of anything that gives suffering for someone, abstention from greed and non-possessiveness.
To always want more but not able to obtain it may bring suffering. To always get what you want may breed greediness. Learning to be aware that nothing can be possessed is something that takes time and constant effort of consciousness until it becomes a subconscious. Yoga helps to achieve this by constantly being a reminder to be present. I think once we’re able to let go, we find freedom and inner peace within ourselves which is a journey I’m still exploring.
Vinyasa Sept 2015 (weekend)