Sometimes in order to grow, We need to step outside our comfort zone.We need to do things that we normally would avoid doing because they make us feel uncomfortable or inadequate in some way.A big challenge for me was taking YTT course.Yes,this time YTTC .Not exactly the course,but the timing of the course,where I needed to make adjustments.I know my life is changing in various ways and I am accepting it the way it is coming,I am giving my best in all the ways to life and the course.In my batch some had been practicing Yoga for years while some of them for a month or so.I think I am the only one who is new or a first timer,but the good thing is that I am learning new things which are beautiful but require hard-work,determination,discipline,focus and balance.Yes,we need these qualities not only for learning Yoga,but for everything we do.There is a secret that Yoga(Asanas,Pranayama,Meditation)brings balance,and various things to one’s life.You start listening to your inner voice.You start challenging yourself for new things,new roles.I feel that,when considering going beyond your comfort,be sure to pay attention to your instincts.Don’t do things that you are not ready to do,no matter what.When it comes to going beyond what is comfortable,always listen to your inner-voice and let it guide you.Everybody’s comfort zone is different.Only you know what yours is and what it means to go beyond it.You know when life presents you with a chance to stretch and grow.Next time a positive oppurtunity arises,go for it.You will feel better for doing so,like what I am feeling.Stepping outside your comfort zone builds inner strength and character.It gives you the awareness that you can do new things and face tough challenges.I know I have to go a long way,but I am not going to stop.
This is just my starting……………………..HIP-HIP HURRAY!!!!!

200hr weekday TTC/2013

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