Give meditation a chance

Meditation is probably one of the easiest and most beneficial things one can incorporate into ones’ daily life, yet people are hesitant to try it or do not see its value. How is it possible that sitting in a comfortable position with palms on knees, eyes closed and breathing mindfully eclipse the supposedly exhilarating experience of buying a designer bag that costs thousands of dollars?
That’s the exact same thought I had before I tried out mediation. I relied on external happiness from material things to shape me as a person and am so glad that I was open enough to give it a chance.
The time I dedicated to myself, meditating, made me realize that I was enough. The desire for needing to buy clothes, shoes, bags and the latest gadgets for that moment of pleasure dissipated and was replaced by a feeling of contentment. I no longer needed material things to define me as a person.
With children exposed to advertisements telling them that they need this makeup to look good, that shoe to be cool and that phone to be accepted in society, it is no surprise that there are more people diagnosed with depression stress and anxiety, grasping for things that only provide temporary joy. If only schools apportioned 20 minutes in a day to meditation, it will work wonders on the kids’ view on life. Plus the teachers who take part will benefit from it, too!
The mind has an innate way of reprogramming itself through meditation. You get a clearer view on life, feel calm and achieve a state of inner peace amid the chaos in this world. Give meditation a chance and it will reward you in more ways than material things ever could.

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