general — seaweed , fun ways to add to our meals

According to Master Trainer Wei Ling seaweed may assist us with our flexibility. I have had a fun time mixing this healthy food with almost all of my meals.
Here are some suggestions
1. Peanut butter sandwich with slabs of seaweed which is a light snack for after asana practises
2. Cheese with seaweed sandwich which is both savoury and energy giving.
3. It can also cut up into thin strips and tossed into our salads for that extra crunchy bite.
4. The taste of any soupy food like fish ball noodle soup or fish soup can be further enhanced with a handful of it as well.
5. Tofu seaweed wrap
6. Seaweed as a garnish over Oatmeal for breakfast
7. Snack on seaweed instead of peanuts thus saving us the ‘extra rolls’ around our bellies
Have a good time enjoying this healthy food.

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