general — dedication to a dear friend

I want to dedicate this to LeeEricaAP, a great lady with a heart of gold, generous with both her time and resources. For without her help and encouragement I would not have been doing this 200 hr YTT course. She has willingly arranged for the usage of her privileged pass at the place where she does her yoga, to enable me to get my physical level up to prepare for this intensive training course. Even while I was away in cold and mountainous Switzerland for 3 months which made practising yoga almost close to impossible due to the high altitude, nonetheless she still reminded me about yoga asanas and meditation in our regular email exchanges.
I believed that she has paved the way leading to this path and chapter in my life at this point in time. Thank you for giving me a chance to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Thank you my friend. NAMASTE

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