general — breathing for calmness

Most people are always looking for that elusive way to achieve inner peace in our 24/7 kind of environment. Fallouts include tensions in the shoulder and neck areas, glumness in our faces, shortage of breathe, hunching our spines and a general meanness in our expressions. Looking at the faces of people in the street will tell us that this is very prevalent here. I met my ex-colleague on the train one morning and her first statement was ‘I am so tired. I am so stressed out’. After she had vented her frustrations I told her why not try some breathing exercises. I gave her a general idea of why we need to expel all the build-up of CO2 as it will impede our ability to inhale O2 for the proper effects it is supposed to be doing to our bodies. Proper breathing not only make us mentally alert it also brings about a sense of calmness especially when dealing with the chaos in an office environment.
Hopefully she will find her own path to inner peace and calmness but I do believe that proper breathing is definitely the key to a healthier body and mind.

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