general — a great way to fall asleep

Generally most of us would have difficulty falling asleep at night especially after a stressful day or when we have to attend an important event the following day or even the simple task of having to get out of bed at a certain time. The mind will be actively engaged and playing out various scenarios in our subconscious mind and as the minutes ticked by, going into blissful sleep is like an impossible dream. The more we tell our mind to relax the more it will elude us.
I found out that when I OMN silently, bringing my mind just to this word, sleep comes so easily and the next thing I knew was the alarm! I woke up without the heavy sluggish feeling of not having sufficient rest nor the temptation to have a few more minutes of shut eye.
Try it. This technique may help as most of us are so caught up in this frantic world that we fail to relax our mind and sleep depravation will only further aggravate whatever problems we are facing.

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