Garuda, the king of birds and of the air, is the enemy of the snakes.  It’s the powerful and mighty bird that Vishnu rides. Birds generally have sharp eyes, a distinct sense of orientation, and strong survival instincts. Large birds have such an enormous wing span and so much strength in their wings that they can let themselves be carried by the wind.

The Garuda Mudra is very powerful and should be dosed well. This mudra activates blood flow and circulation, invigorates the organs, and balances energy on both sides of the body. Whether in the pelvic or chest area, it invigorates and stimulates. It relaxes and relieves pain related to menstrual complaints, stomach upsets, and respiratory difficulties. It also helps people deal with exhaustion and mood fluctuations.

Clasp your thumbs and place your hands, right hand on top of the left hand, on your lower abdomen. Remain in this position for about 10 breaths and then slide your hands up to your navel. Stay there for another 10 breaths. Then place your hands on the pit of your stomach and remain again for about 10 breaths. In conclusion, place your left hand on your sternum, turn your hands in the direction of your shoulders, and spread your fingers. It is suggested to do this mudra three times a day for 4 minutes.

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