Fuel For My Body

In today’s world, when we talk about ‘diet and nutrition’, it’s almost always associated with weight loss. We need to realize that losing weight and looking lean and fit is great, but is not and should never be the final battle. It definitely is the key to good health and good health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.
Everybody wants to lose weight, without making an effort (yes, me included), giving in to everyday cravings – be it the most oily and most sugar coated, creamy, cheesy… ohh boy… I need to grab that bag of cheese flavored chips right away!! You see, that’s all it takes. To be able to control your cravings and know what is good for your body type and what is not, is something that only you can do, and no matter who you hire as your dietician/nutritionist, no matter how much money you spend on these things, ultimately, you hold the key to a well-balanced and nutritious diet and a healthier you. The power lies in your hands and in your mind. Not to burst your bubble, but if you succeed for a week or a month or even a year by keeping up with your own nutrition or health goals, remember it’s all futile if you don’t remain consistent. There is absolutely no room even for a little deviation, because it’s that easy to give in, specially when the indulgence consists of gooey chocolates, pastries, junk food and everything else that isn’t too good for you.
Let’s not kid ourselves, we all know what is ‘healthy food’ and what isn’t, what’s good for us and what’s bad. Keeping the ‘look good’ factor in mind, its equally important, if not more, to ensure that there is also the ‘feel good’ factor. Some of us may succeed in shedding the extra few added pounds, but what good is it if it leaves you lifeless and bitter?? This is where we need to learn to balance our diet and have everything (within reach) the heart desires but IN MODERATION. We all must eat to live and not live to eat and look at food as the fuel that is much needed for the body and mind to function normally.
I know for a fact that if I give up on sweets or junk food or basically everything yummy but unhealthy entirely, you will not be seeing a very pleasant me. It would drive me insane. I believe it’s important to give in from time to time (but promising to self, to never go over-board, and if you do, add a little more time to your work-out schedule) to be able to maintain a balanced and healthy life-style over all. Always remember to never be too hard on yourself. The equal and opposite reaction to our action of eating, should be a good session of work-out. If you restrain yourself too much from certain cravings, chances are at some point, when you give in, it could turn on you, you could completely lose control and go all out. This could endow worse results than it would, if you remained consistent through and through and allowed yourself to indulge (indulge, not over indulge) from time to time.
To conclude, remember key words to my diet and nutrition plan to a healthy and happy you – mind, moderation, balance and consistency.

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