From YSP to 200 hours……

I have been doing exercise for years by going to gym and classes. I always like yoga as I feel good after the class. However apart from feeling good, I felt that I did not learnt much. (the instructor will not ‘touch’ us so I am not too sure if my postures and alignment are correct. And they are always giving instructions such as exhale and inhale.) I wanted something more. So when I came across this Yoga self practice module (I don’t have the intention to become instructor. I just want to benefit myself.) provided by Tirisula , I immediately signed up.
I still remember my first lesson, mixing with 200 hours classmates , they are all so pro(while I am still gym class level). The trainers are encouraging, as they would constantly remind us not to compare with others. After 5 weeks of training, I actually switched to 200 hours…I still did not have the intention to become instructor as I believe the certificate is just the ’hardware’ which I should not focus on. I should be enjoying the ‘software’: encouraging instructors, humoroushelpful and positive classmates, feeling ‘enriched’ (physically and psychologically) after every lesson.
Every weekend(730am-1pm) for 15 weeks  sounded crazy to some of my friends but I always remember this sentence from one of my favourite book ”Seek comfort and you will shrink into the background, and never accomplish what you hope to.”
Irene Low
200 Hours (Weekend)

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