An Old Friend

It is amazing now I think back. My first yoga experience was actually introduced not through a yoga studio, but through a very down to earth lady called Kelly, who is also my climbing coach’s wife. Yoga was used as a strenghtening and cool down routine after each intense climbing training session. Poses we did focused alot on breathing and poses which countered the muscles we frequently use so that we do not get tremendous muscle ache the next day. We did poses like trikonasana, side planks and planks and upward bow etc. While climbing though routes, those that take your breathe away, we learnt to focus on our breathing. This breathing slows down the heart beat, it is long and slow and it enabled me to focus on what was the present, gain better balance and lock a little more just by doing that. This breathing pattern brought us to a zone that blocked out the external world. Emotions were void at that moment. It was not about winning. Competition ceased, it didn’t matter if the crowd cheered for you or if the neighbouring competitor completed the route. At that moment, it was just between you and the wall, and giving the route your best shot. Personally I felt that might actually be an optimum state, one which make you perform your best like no one was looking. Not every time you win, but as much as it sounds cliche, that contentment was totally rewarding whenever you know that you have tried your best at each competition…
– Yee Siying (200hr Weekend YYT Jul 2015)

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