Formless Fluidity.

May 2015 200hr YTTC
Blog Article 3 – Personal challenges/My Yoga Journey.
Formless Fluidity.
Swadhyaya – It was a big step for me to make the decision to begin my Yoga journey. Indeed a leap of faith, I rose up to many challenges, even before staring the course. Working hard just to save up enough for it was the first hurdle. A lot of determination was required on my part, to part with the sum. I also had to stop work (with no income, which was tough as I supported my family) but I did, and I never looked back- it has got to be one of the best investments I’ve made. Like they say, ‘You are going to be around longer than that new leather bag, so you are your best investment.’
My parents and friends didn’t think much of it as most have the perception that Yoga is a lot of dreaming in stillness, discriminating to religion and basically, a waste of time. I ignored of all that and I am glad I did. I learnt so much in the span of a month; far exceeding my own expectations. I now have an in-depth knowledge about the history/origin and many benefits, and am confident of being a living example- not to prove others wrong, but to prove myself right. I believe in focusing on my wellness and not having to justify anything to others who are violent in speech.
I have been working in the vibrant nightlife scene for about over a year before embarking on the 200hr YTTC. Frequently ending work at 4am, and sleeping 2-3 hours later, it was such a huge struggle for me to wake at the time I have been sleeping at, for Yoga classes. I learn that to survive well in any situation, I need to be adaptable; formless and fluid like water in its natural state. I am proud that I didn’t give up halfway and managed to pull myself through the course. What kept me going was the hope that I could change my lifestyle/habits when I wanted to; reflecting, self-study, and above all, knowing that I am in control.
It may take awhile for me to consider teaching, but my main purpose was to enrich myself, have a meaningful hobby, keep active and healthy, and simply-put, purely out of interest. I didn’t believe in paying for gym membership anymore- it was commercial and over-priced, no progression- I did not know what I was doing wrong/right (often even injuring myself). The instructor kept changing and students were of very different age groups and capabilities- it was quite impossible to do the same things together. I often left the class with my mind in disarray. Now that I know about Asthanga Vinaysa thoroughly, I am certain my daily self-practice will be so much more wholesome and fulfilling.
If I had to pick a pose that sparked my interest in pursuing the YTTC, it would be Urdhva Mukha Svanasana. So much is going on in the body in a simple pose that would look relaxing and simple to many. I have learnt the importance on breathing (I used to hold my breath) and the challenge of Ujjayi breathing. Ujjayi is also beneficial as I got so used to working out with that, I felt like I had so much oxygen sitting down on a sofa, breathing normally! I am still perfecting my Downward Dog pose and here’s what I plan to overcome, just like I did with all the mentioned obstacles above:
Increase strength & flexibility of back muscles of legs
Increase core strength
Increase arm strength
Increase back and hip flexibility
Wish me luck, and here’s a shoutout to all who’s diligently working towards a goal- When you feel like you’ve the weight of the world on your shoulders, squat it and work ‘em Gluteus!:)
By Carmen L.

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