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A couple of months ago, I went on the GM (General Motors) diet in hope to lose some weight and also to cleanse/detoxify my body system.
The GM diet is a 7 day plan with pretty specific meal plans during this period. The diet primarily consists of fruits and vegetables though you are a lot some carbohydrates and lean meat on certain days. It is said that if you are able to follow through the diet you will be able to drop 7 to 10kg.
The diet is complimented with a vegetable soup (some call it the GM power soup) which can be consumed at any time during the 7 days. This is a savior as the soup is low in calories, full of vitamins goodness and most importantly, cures all you hanger pangs at any time of the day.
Water is also a very important component as it helps to flush out the toxics in our system. The target is to drink 3 liters of water and on the day where meat is allowed, 4 liters.
It is recommended to fit in 30 minutes of exercise everyday as it will help to keep our muscles active and functional.
I followed the diet plan as closely as I could and practiced yoga every night. Even though the weight lost was only 3kg but overall I did feel lighter and more compact. I didn’t experience any of the side effects like sudden weakness in muscles or tiredness or headaches but this is really up to individual experience.
As per all diets, if you do not maintain your diet after the whole regime has ended, you will of course put back the weight lost. So when considering the type of diet you would like to try, please always take into consideration the type of lifestyle you have and if you are able to maintain a healthier diet after.
Elaine (200h Weekend YTT July 2015)

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