My food journey

During my working week I wake early, and bleary-eyed fill my bowl full of cereal and milk, take my slow release ‘energy’ vitamin tablets, swig a quick coffee and generally hope for the best. Learning about the three Gunas and food has made me question the foods that I am eating and caused me to think about the changes I can make in order to give me the nutrients and energy to get through the day. I believe that I am a Pitta body type; therefore I need to manage my energy levels well.
So what can I eat for breakfast to make me lively and energetic and keep me sustained until ‘snack’ time? Something light and Satvic but also able to keep me feeling full, for example, ensure my cereals are wholegrain, add some almonds, perhaps a banana and ditch the coffee. My mid morning snack may be more nuts, some seeds and perhaps a herbal tea.
For lunch a vegetable curry with beans and lentils and maybe an egg sounds good, adding Rajasic foods and spices to provide stimulation and ensure that I avoid the post lunch slump.
I generally find 3 pm a tough time of the day and one when I am most likely to resort to chocolate. Instead, natural yoghurt and fruit would give me a light and refreshing energy boost. Throw in another handful of nuts and I should be all set for my evening yoga class.
Then home time and the only real energy I need is to prepare myself for a lovely much needed eight hours of sleep. Some Tamasic foods can be added in here. Maybe some fish, eggplant and mushrooms would be ideal. Lets see….

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