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Moromi Vinegar  “MOROMI-ZU”

What would you drink after the 2 hours exercises of yoga class to recover your body?  I would like to introduce to you with Moromi vinegar, the liquid made of Okinawa prefecture in Japan. 

What is Moromi Vinegar? It is liquid extracted from sake lees that was bi-produced during the process of manufacturing Awamori liquor, Okinawa local alcohol beverage.  It doesn’t contain any alcohol.  The most outstanding part is that Moromi vinegar contains a rich amount of natural CITRIC ACID.  (approximately 1000mg of Citric acid in 100mL Moromi Vinegar!!)  It helps to stimulate and circulate the metabolism.  As a result, the body gets warmed up easily and revitalized your body quickly. 

The product name is Moromi vinegar, but it tastes no sour as the other vinegars because it comes from citric acid not from acetic acid. (But the taste is not good either!)  Moromi, malted rice traditionally manufactured in Moromi vinegar is treated as soft drink in Japanese market, and consumed among health conciousness people because of the benefits that raised as above.

Moromi means “unrefined sake” in English

Avoid those who have empty stomach.  People with rare conditions or weak physical constitutions should avoid excessive use.  Nutrients (100mL; non-sugar type) Energy: 38Kcal / Protein: 3.0 g / Fat: 0.0g / Carbonhydrate:6.7g  Citric acid 1000mg!!! (Nutrients level will be different depends on each manufactures/product etc.) There are 2 types of Moromi vinegar: Non-sugar type, and sugar added type.  Recommend to take sugar added type for the first drink.  

How to drink Drink 1-3 cups (30-50ml) daily using the cup included with the bottle.  Add an equal amount of cold water/cider.    Cost:  Available size: 720mL-900mL Around 2,000JPY (S$25) – 2,500JPY (S$30) The price will be different depends on the manufactures/size/ etc.  You may purchase it via online at:


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