Like many others, my biggest challenge in practicing yoga is to focus my mind at the present / practice. When I used to attend yoga classes after work, my mind had rarely stopped thinking about work or things I would do after the class. After a while, I realized that my lack of focus was not only appearing during yoga practice, and I had difficulty in concertation during other occasions too.

It is common to get distracted in today’s world “thanks to” the convenience of internet and mobile phones. I seldomly do things for a long period without checking my phones. Sometimes it helps since I am able to do multiple tasks with several devices for work. However, I also suffer from stress and high tension due to demands from multiple sources.

What yoga has taught me is to focus on the present and let go the rest. Business will still go on without me replying a message. I believe the ability to focus on the present is a precious asset in the modern world and Yoga can help us on building the ability.