Fly like a Crow

Lacking arm strength; collapsing weight into my wrists; and being afraid to smash my face on the floor. Yes, that was me and my hatred of Crow Pose (Bakasana). That is, until my Yoga Teacher Training Course. When some of the other students were tasked with breaking down the Crow Pose and presenting it to the rest of us, I found my ‘pivotal’ moment.

Warming up with Plank (Phalankasana) and Garland (Malasana) was useful to get the core fired up and the hips open. Next up, rather than starting low on the ground and trying to lift up my weighty behind, beginners were told to lift their behinds high into the air and stand on a block. With my fingers gripping into the mat like a rock climber on a sheer face, I gently placed my knees into my armpits and squeezed my core abdominal muscles. To my absolute delight, as I gazed just in front of me, I found I could hold myself for a fleeting second. For someone who has always wanted to be able to fly, I achieved new heights in my confidence that morning. I shall never look back (or down) in my practice of Crow Pose ever again. Onward and upward!

(Kay Vasey, 200hr TTC, January 2017)

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