I am not flexible = I cannot practice yoga

I can assure that you have heard this phrase as many times as I have. When you tell your friends, your family, or random people that you practice yoga or that you are doing the YTT they tell you “I cannot practice because I’m not flexible enough” or  “You must be super flexible”.

My answer is laughing and asking: Should you be a great cook to go to a cooking class? Should you speak Japanese to go to a Japanese course? Should you know how to drive to go to a driving academy? NO. You go there because your goal is to acquire that skill.

The same happens with yoga, not all the yoga teachers can touch their knees with their nose in a forward bend, and not everyone that practice yoga can even reach their toes. That’s one of the reasons why we practice yoga because we want to be able to do it.

A yoga teacher once told me:

how old you are is not that important, how flexible you are is the main thing. Keep flexible and you will be young forever.

Now I understand what he meant. It’s not something you will get with one or two classes, as you will not learn a language with two or three classes, you need constant practice, you need to immerse yourself and live what you are learning, you need to have a reason why you want to do it. A dream without a goal will always remain a dream.

So find a reason and remember that to learn a new skill you just need practice and practice. 


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