Finding time for Yoga Practice

How do we find time to practice yoga regularly?

I have been searching for answers to this question ever since i started working … Work really does take up a lot of time. Like many others, I hesitated before I commit myself to a yoga studio and then I hesitated again when i wanted to take up the Yoga Teacher Training… It was then, i decided to take a leap and signed up for the Yoga Teacher Training with the mindset that “I will make time for this.”

I am grateful for the decision i made and the chance to meet all the amazing batchmates alongside, practicing yoga during the weekends. It is never about how busy we all are, it is about how much time we are willing to make, to commit to the things we want to do.

I explored for ways and learnt to find time for the things I always wanted to do. So i mapped out my thoughts… The main question i asked myself was “Why will i not have time to do something that i want to do?”. My answers seemed more like excuses because I could find resolutions to all my own answers after some time. Let me quickly share my thoughts: Finding Time to Commit (Ange)

I am prepared for times where I find myself struggling to fulfil certain commitments (i.e. weekly/focused practice). I assure myself that it is perfectly fine because I am not giving up on practice. Sometimes, I just had to make time for something else. 

There is a difference between (a) not committing to practice because… and; (b) committing to practice however …

Most importantly, never give up practicing if it is what we want to do regularly. Keep finding ways to make it work.

Finding time is possible.