Finding the You in Teaching


Angela Ognev

200 TTC Weekday (Jan/Feb2014)


These have been two weeks of teaching styles. After taking a few weeks to ground ourselves in our practices (for me, this course was my introduction to yoga), these last two weeks were when individuals got to shine as individuals. I’ll realize in this moments how the same series of movements through different mouths have different characters, and I’m excited to be on the adventure of capitalizing on strengths, along with others. Yoga is about the mind, body and soul being together — how could they stay together if we did not embody and stretch ourselves in our teaching practice? Teaching practice is practice after all!


Here are a few personalities:


The Good Morning

Those who are mornings have a natural cheer in their voice. They wake us up and cheer us on. They are a gentle coffee that helps us get started and get done. Perhaps they are afraid of being too bright, too superficial, or too fickle, but when they are comfortable in their good morning state they inspire energy in us.


The Story

Those who are stories have words to pull and push us in deeper. They tell us why we are in the asana we are in — what are we working and how do we deepen. They make us laugh. They make the hour push a little too fast. Perhaps they are embarrassed of their many stories, of how much they have to say and share, but when they are comfortable in their stories, they can speak the “why” that resonates with us most.


The Song

Those who are songs, sing. There is very little gap between one thing and the next. The song brings students up and down with each action, each body part mentioned. Perhaps they are nervous of saying just what is in the book, but they should remember that they are singing — not speaking. When they sing, yoga becomes a dance.


The Flow

Those who flow, keep going. They move people, and they’re not afraid. They have momentum and move forward steady. Perhaps they are afraid that they are rough, harsh, or leaving people behind, but when they are comfortable in their flow, they carry us through.


The Zen

Those who are zen, center us. They have a quiet voice that we hear clearly because they ask us to listen in. They discuss intention, and they hold the space for us. Perhaps they are afraid that they don’t demonstrate energy enough, or do not cheer us on enough, but when they are comfortable in their zen, they allow us to be comfortable in the moment.

Keep finding you.


P.S. Today, we discussed cost and worth. “Yoga is free. Practicing yoga by yourself is free,” said Master Paalu. Remember that when you offer your self to others — when you offer your morning, story, song, flow, and zen — you do not compromise or apologize for the space and time that you give people. When you discount your cost, you discount your worth in the eyes of another person. You are strong and you take others with your strength. You are holding the space for someone, a space they share just with you. There are few other spaces outside of that hour you’re offering where they have the opportunity to be fully present, guided and listened to. That’s you! You are here.

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