Finding Self-Discipline

There have been countless of times that I’ve told myself before going to bed that I’ll wake up early tomorrow and practice yoga, but when morning arrives, I find myself doing everything else but my yoga practice. Somehow, something will come up and I find myself making an excuse to forgo my practice plans.
Although the mind is the one that decided that I should be practicing yoga in the morning, it is also the mind that provides the rationale for not practicing. I’m quite certain I’m not the only experiencing this (I hope) and this applies to other aspects of our lives as well. So why do we slack off? Most common answers are busy schedules, too many commitments, interruptions or just plain tired. Well, the harsh truth is that there is no self-discipline.
It seems that there is only an urgency for self-discipline when something in our life is out of balance – for example when someone is diagnosed with diabetes this is when they have succumb to discipline and restrict their diet and eating habits for the sake of their health. Unfortunately, even in this circumstance there are some who still choose to ignore the necessity for self-discipline and increase the risk of jeopardising their life.
During the past 5 weeks I have been conscientiously attending yoga classes via the Yoga Course at Tirisula Yoga and during this time a sense of “self-discipline” has surfaced itself within me. It is here that I have come to some extent grasp the significance of yoga and how much it becomes an insight into our life. The word ‘Yoga’ comes from the Sanskrit root word ‘Yuj’ which means “coming together”. When the mind contradicts itself, the mind and body cannot come together. So Yoga with its many elements is essentially the self-discipline of the mind and body. Yoga practice is not just meant for the good days when everything is going well and you feel inspired and have time for it. Yoga is meant to be integrated into our life throughout its constant change and when the mind and body come together, contradictions no longer obscure your life.
So what happens to me after this yoga course ends in a weeks’ time? In life there are no shortcuts, so personally for me the challenge is to sustain this budding self-discipline that this course has awaken in me by maintaining this consistent schedule: 45 minutes of yoga practice every morning before I start the rest of my day. What would you do?
Pei Ni – 200hr TTC Jul/Aug 2013 Weekday

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