Find Success Within Yourself

Do what you love and never work a day in your life”, they said. But will passion pay?

I’d like to think that pursuing a “career” in yoga would be a rewarding one, but there are a myriad of reasons one could think of to prove otherwise. In this modern, material world, money talks. There is no denying that. In chasing success, people often attribute being successful to having attained the 5 coveted “C”s – cash, car, credit card, condominium and country club membership. In a traditional sense, it doesn’t seem quite feasible to achieve all that as a yoga teacher. Instead, it would be much safer to take the well-beaten path to success through getting a good degree, landing a well-paying job, and slowly climb the corporate ladder through years of dedication and hard work.

It’s an ironclad argument that I can’t refute, but I think life should be about taking the road less travelled, right? Life is only as limited as one would allow it to be, and I believe that anything is possible with DESIRE and IMAGINATION. It would be meaningless to work for an organisation one couldn’t care less about (and vice versa), handling issues that have absolutely no material impact on one’s personal life, in exchange for money. Thanks, but no thank you.

Borrowing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 5 rules for success, here’s what I hope to set out to do:

  1. Find your vision. Achieve world fame through teaching and curating content to inspire and influence others to learn the art of yoga.
  2. Never think small. Build my own community and become the highest paid yoga teacher in Singapore and the region. In the process, give the best of my abilities in my capacity as a teacher to spread healing, harmony and happiness.
  3. Ignore the naysayers. There will always be detractors along the way, ignore them, and stay focused.
  4. Work your ass off. Keep practicing hard, break new limits, never stop learning.
  5. Give back. Offer yoga as a form of rehabilitation, help others who are suffering to reshape their lives.

Time (and perhaps the cosmos?) will decide if the path is mine to take. Nobody said it would be easy, but what is seemingly impossible can become reality with a little faith.

Always have faith.