Final Week of YTT :-(

As our YTT has come down to the final week, I can foresee with my yogic powers (that I have harnessed over the past 3 weeks :-)) that graduating from YTT with the certificate on Friday will be a truly bittersweet moment, and that for a long time, I will miss the whole experience in this month of July. 

YTT, or rather yoga itself, has gifted me many things, the best one of all is this feeling that I’ve reawakened another part of myself that has been sleeping dormant deep deep inside for a very long time. YTT is just another temporary human experience, the physical practices and drills, the theory and philosophy classes, even the people :-(. But the one thing that YTT gifts you, is this newfound positive empowerment that is sure to last a long time. Throughout this month-long yogic journey, it feels like I found a long-lost friend, like a friend I’ve lost while growing up, but is a friend who will stay with me (for as long as I practise yoga hahaha). Maybe this ‘friend’ is my natural self, my inner self, and 3 weeks of intense yoga practices has brought me closer to who I was, before I became someone I’m not. 

Though I’m sad that YTT will soon come to an end and I will definitely miss this whole experience, I’m thankful for this deep-delving inward journey with all its wonderful treasures and lessons. After YTT, the best thing that I can do next is to help others, even in the smallest ways, to take a step closer to their natural self by teaching yoga to those around me, while doing my best to live up to the Yamas & Niyamas and keeping up my own practise. 

Honestly, because of YTT, July has been the best month of the year thus far. 

After that, YTT 300? Hmmm… seriously considering…