Feel it and Generate… your Manipura

“Then my angel said, “Here’s a pair of scissors. Why don’t you cut all those rubber bands and free yourself?”
We ‘reorder’ our lives when we choose spirit over the illusions of physical circumstances. With each choice we make, we either become more involved in the illusory physical world, or we invest energy into the power of spirit.
(excerpts from Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss, PH.D)
The energy of the Personal Power Chakra. Fire heated in the right degree depending on how you manifest it.
The third chakra is the core to our strength and illnesses. You choose which way you want to lead your life with. It is activated by issues related to self-responsibility, self esteem, fear of rejection and an oversensitive to criticism.
This is when you can look at yourself and say, there is a lot to learn from every right and wrong from the doings of others and yourself. Who is to judge what is right and wrong? Hence, what is there to be happy, angry and sad about. I reckon it is how one sees the situation. I can see someone running into a lamp post and laugh while another can look at me and frown at such a reaction. When I laughed, it did not mean I had no empathy, when I laughed it is because of past imageries that have formed in my mind that made me recall the silliness of it all. You fall, you get up. Not only do you get up, you get up and smile. Why dwell in the unhappiness when you can turn it around and make things light for yourself and others. Every situation is an experience, hence it’s there.
Have you ever seen a child who fell and will get up on her own BUT when she looks around and sees the sad faces of  her parents, she cries and will wait for her parents to rush over to ‘hold’ her. It was that same child who fell and got up on her own when she realise she is on her own and there is nothing to cry about.
Every time we fall is it, our self esteem, our ego that has been crushed hence we react the way we do? And we suddenly do not response according to what we are capable of? It is easy to blame others for something that has happened or in this case, it is our ego that has been shamed.
It is not easy I must say, I have been through it all, the laughter and the tears and the anger (mother of all evil). And which ones are the ones we could have looked at it and thought. Was it necessary? Did it help? It sure did but how long did it take? Was it worth our energy?
Did you know when you get angry, your cells contracts and invariably leads to weakness in the body as your cells are now useless and become waste matter? The contraction of cells interferes with a normal healthy body.
How do we feel about ourselves? We need to understand this to understand why others are doing the things, reacting the way, they do.
The spiritual goal is to have a relationship with yourself before you can have a ‘relationship’ with others. If one can understand to why it is not a literal ‘relationship’ as mentioned, it is because you have the comprehension that the spiritual quality inherent in the third chakra compels us to create an identity apart from our tribal self.

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