Most people will regret more things they didn’t do in life than things they have done. Each opportunity that is presented to us no matter how big or small is a wonderful gift. Fear is something that stands between most people and their dreams. When we break through this fear we discover amazing potential and a whole new world of possibility. It sometimes takes courage to follow your heart and go out on what you think is a limb, but the majority of the time  it will lead to a whole new tree, open a door to a world you have only imagined. The more you live outside your comfort zone the more you believe that it is the correct place to be. You start to conquer your fear and your dreams become true. The realization that you can achieve anything you put your mind to is reinforced every time you take a chance.
Consistent practice will help break through the fear barrier and open a new world. Regular asana practice will build good, strong, proud posture that creates confidence in your life. Satya or truthfulness decreases fear as there is no concern that your lies will come back to harm you. Pranayama strengthens the respiratory system and soothes the nervous system creating energized calmness. The yogic diet fills the body with food full of nutrients to heal, strengthen and boost the body. When all the limbs of yoga are practiced together the being becomes whole and all fear is lost.

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