My favourite class

Lesson 7: Sit up 30 second… change… burpees 30 second… change… leg raise (omg) 30 second… change… Believe it or not, this is my favourite (and most memorable) class! My body, mind, and perhaps soul went into ‘anaphylactic’ shock mode. Well, this on hindsight was an excellent beginning. It threw my pre-conceived idea that yoga is a ‘gentle’ sport that probably needs more passion and love to be frozen in poses and not perseverance and endurance completely out of the window. Oh well, I am grounded now. There’s never a free meal in life. We get to enjoy the fruits of only those seeds that we sowed and labored.
To succeed and achieve that dream pose is TPP – training, practice, persevere. There’s no shortcut. Like many things in life. When we cut corners, the foundation is never quite firm and tumble with a little nudge like our asanas.
So I have now collected a list of foundation exercises, favorite sequences, and conditioning poses to work on. It doesn’t matter if I have 30 or 10 minutes, I’ll just work on at least one action item a day. It was grueling at the beginning and discipline was my greatest hurdle. It calls for mind over matter. Over time, is just somehow gets easier and on certain days, enjoyable (I must be masochistic by now). So, our mind is often the strongest enemy that holds us back to achieving what we are set up for. Are you ready to conquer it?
Jenny Lim 200hr Yoga TTC 07/14 weekend