My Favourite Bandha- Uddiyan Bandha~

My Favourite Bandha- Uddiyan Bandha~
Uddiyan Bandha is referring to Abdominal Lock. Master Paalu introduced this bandha in the very beginning of the course. He explained the steps to get into it and demonstrated to us how it looks like to lock our abdominal. When I saw it for the first time I felt magical and amazing! Wow… how can the abdomen be so empty?
Some of us manage to master it at the first go, but I did not. No matter how hard I try to suck in, squeeze in and hold tight, my diaphragm does not work with me. No worries, practice makes perfect. Since this practice is included in our morning sequence, I practice it every morning. After a few try finally I manage to get it! It feels great! For those who are new to this bandha you may follow below steps which I have summarized.
1.Stand with feet hip width apart.
2.Bend the knees slightly and place your palm on the knees.
3.Inhale deeply and then exhale through your mouth and bend your body forward. You may
slightly hunch your upper back. After you release all the air out, pull the muscles of
the abdomen inwards. Imagine you are pulling all your abdomen organ upward.
4.Remain in this pose for 10 seconds or as long as possible you can hold.
5.Inhale slowly to release the bandha by releasing the muscles of the abdomen back to
normal position.
6.Repeat for 3-5 rounds.
7.After completion of Uddiyan bandha you may lie in Shavasana and gently press the
abdomen to relax it.
This practice is especially good for ladies as it helps to tone the reproductive organ and regulate the menstrual cycle. Besides, the pressure apply on the abdomen muscle helps to increases friction on the internal organ such as stomach, intestines, liver and pancreas thereby improving their efficiency. This also results in improving the secretion of the digestive juices, improving the digestive function.
You should always keep in mind to practice it with empty stomach. Avoid this bandha if you are having abdominal surgery, high blood pressure, heart disease, diarrhoea, menstruation and pregnancy.
Hope you enjoy this article. Namaste!
Carmen Soh
YTT Sep 2017 (Weekend)

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