Fast Food Slumber

We are living in a fast paced society, where convenience and speed precedes health and quality. Along the way, in our search for monetary riches, we forgot about the fundamental key to the greatest wealth of all, our health.
Our health has been steadily declining over the years with cancers, diabetes, autoimmune and heart disease becoming a household name. These diseases are largely preventable with dietary choices playing a huge part when it comes to the state of our health. But this is easier said then done when we are surrounded by junk food and fast food in this modern world and eating a balanced diet optimum for our health means inconvenience to the majority.
What exactly is a balanced diet? Personally, as a vegan, I source all the necessary nutrition a body needs from a plant-based diet.
A balanced diet consists of 15% protein, 30% fats and 55% carbohydrates from whole foods and, yes, I can get proteins from plants! Green leafy vegetables, sweet juicy fruits, crunchy nuts and seeds and filling, satisfying grains (most of which are organic produce) consists of what I eat daily and ,really, all my nutritional needs are met as long as I eat a variety of foods.
These days, we opt for the convenience of pre-packaged and processed foods that are in abundance and convenient to buy, not to mention the big food corporations that entice us with advertisements tempting us to buy their brands instead of making healthier choices. However, does the convenience of having pre-packaged food and drinking carbonated soft drinks trump over our health, when in the long run the possibility of getting a disease from an unhealthy diet will prove to be an even bigger inconvenience financially and physically? I would think not!
I have to admit that I was one of those that opted for that burger that I could get in less than 5 minutes and drank artificially sweetened and flavored drinks (think vitamin water that is marketed as a healthier beverage alternative), however something in me woke up where I recognized that this was the only body that I would reside in and that I had the responsibility, as best as I can, to look after it. So, I started making informed and educated decisions and chose foods that helped my body thrive and be the best it can be.
Being vegan also meant that my diet was cruelty-free without an animal having to suffer just for my palatable pleasure, which is the very reason why I chose the lifestyle in the first place. Healthy and cruelty-free! So much win!
Sticking to organic, fresh, whole foods will benefit everyone. People are starting to realize this and fast food chains have been experiencing a decline in sales. It’s a long road ahead but I have no doubts people will slowly come out of the junk food slumber and start taking care of themselves when it comes to their eating habits.

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