Fast Forward 50 years

Peacock, heron, fallen angel or not- name any asana and I will be able to entangle myself with ease…with practice over the next 50 years (Average lifespan of a yogi is about 90++). I’m a sufferer from tight hamstrings and enjoy spontaneity very much, so much so that I signed up for YTTC a week before it starts not knowing what Ashtanga Yoga is.
Four months later, I find myself a proud practitioner of Ashtanga yoga for the reason it’s vigorous and intensive but the eight limbs of Ashtanga makes it even special. Disputing the controversy that Yoga is religious, its teachings essentially guides us to conduct ourselves morally, back to basic and like what my guru shared- Yogis can adapt and survive anywhere. We are life coaches, be it to ourselves or others.
Im not the best in class, or the favourites and you wont see me posing in Instagram (…yet) and I still get periodically discouraged whenever my hamstrings/IT band/Quads/hip flexors wont work and with the fear getting in the way. But I know what needs to be done and have witnessed the progress that I’m nearly touching my toes each time with pachimottanasana using the right technique, holding a longer sirsasana with focused mind, and able to perform 30 push ups at one go. I have learnt the fact that yoga is not about posing with cool asanas or perfecting it as fast as possible- asanas are merely tools, not an end in themselves.
Today, I came to a realization that devoting 200hrs YTTC is equivalent to getting a lifetime insurance. This insurance covers your physical health, nourishes you with anatomy knowledge, shares the good old teachings (literally 1500 years ago) from gurus. I’m pleased to have achieved my goal in this course- that is to integrate yoga as a way of my life.
Evelyn G, 200 hr YTTC

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