Family Time

I decided to write this post after I’d given myself some time to reflect on what the 5 weeks of the Pilates and Yoga course brought.  I’m now in England, celebrating the holidays with my big, loving, crazy family.  Every morning, I wake up before everyone (except my grandfather, who never sleeps) and do yoga.  It helps me remain centered in myself, despite the various demands for energy, time, attention, etc… that are the constant result of living with others.  My daily practice, finding stillness and calm internally also helps me to appreciate the noise and bustle when everyone is awake.  I have so much to be grateful for: a wonderful family, great friends, terrific teachers, my health and (occasionally) sanity.
So this post, for me, is about saying thank you to all my classmates for their support and encouragement and to Paalu and Weiling for challenging me and helping me grow stronger and more centered.  I am so thankful that I did the program and that I was able to meet such wonderful people.  I hope you all have a great winter and enjoy doing yoga in whatever forms it takes!

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