The familiar amongst the unfamiliar

This blog is written as I recollect flashes of me on first day of course.

My familiar mat placed in an unfamiliar room. As the session proceeded, it was the familiar poses amongst the unfamiliar faces and voices. It’s amazing how one movement language has brought people from all walks of lives into one studio, located along a small lane filled with abundance of ethnic flavour. We all share a common goal; the quest for knowledge and the desire to stretch our limits to an unknown level. We might not achieve total enlightenment in six weeks but we definitely would not leave empty-handed. For that I know.

The familiar names of the poses were called out. The familiar habitual pattern and thought processes surfaced as I transited into the various poses. When I had to face the usual hurdle of achieving a challenging pose, the big question mark emerged in my head. Could today be the day that my efforts pay off? Despite the presence of both mind and physical barrier, I looked forward to moments when I could achieve and witness personal progression.

To place myself in unfamiliar environment was perhaps triggered by the silent urge within me to step out of my comfort zone. My weekly yoga regime has been repetitive for several months, maybe over year or two. I lost count. I could recognise the style and the tone of different teachers I see every week. I was usually at the same spot of the room. I’m fully aware of my strengths and weaknesses. I constantly attempt to stretch my limits with total mindfulness and at the same time, remind myself how I should overcome my flaws. It was a complicated but familiar thought process. Despite my concurrence that yoga journey requires utmost patience, I was at times bored. Plateau was where I felt I was at. This was when I decided to sign up for a yoga teacher training course. I was looking for a surprise in my routine. Unfamiliarity was perhaps what I need.

The day of unfamiliarity has arrived. My course has commenced. Activities seemed natural to me before, needed a tad more effort now. I had to be on my ‘alert’ mode to ensure I received all instructions and information correct. It was the unfamiliarity that motivated me to challenge myself a notch further and here we go. Let’s get the party started.




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