I failed my theory test today, 100 questions to answer in 60 minutes for me is very stressful. I never have worked well with time restrictions under pressure, I usually aim for perfection but over a much longer period.

I felt overwhelmed trying to revise last night, I tried my best to prepare but sometimes I can be really slow when it comes to reading. In the test my strategy fell apart, I tried to answer every question perfectly even checking the stuff I knew then ran out of time, I didn’t even get to answer a question on the muscular system. 🤦🏽‍♀️

I’m a reflector and often can panic in stressful situations, I almost pulled my whole workbook apart during the test trying to search the answers. My mind goes blank and it is like being at the passport desk at the airport when they ask where you have come from. I obviously know where I have been but under the pressure I can’t remember and feel guilty although I have done nothing wrong.

I hope I will pass tomorrow, I’ve always been the type to pass 2nd time, like my driving test. 

The lesson I have learnt from failing today is that we are all individual and have different strengths and weaknesses, I am quite aware of mine. I will have to retake the test but eventually get to the same end result of fulfilling my goal of being a yoga teacher.

This is the start of my yoga journey and when I have time to reflect I will use this experience to drive me to learn more theory along the road while I am teaching and preparing classes. Sometimes failing first time can make you succeed more because the memories of failing will drive you to try harder and really focus on what you want to achieve.

Fingers crossed for Asana, teaching and group presentations tomorrow.

Good luck everyone!

Bettina x
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