Facing your fears

I decided to give myself a challenge in the beginning of this year. I want to take action before hesitation comes to visit me again. I decided to use one-month time to finish my 200 YTTC class and see how this course will do to me.
I have scoliosis since I was teenage but never make too many awareness of myself posture in my daily life and make adjustment to it until my back pain over my right lumbar started to visit me. I think yoga really has an obvious effect in improving my back pain and energizing me. I am not addicted to fancy poses in my class, whatever there is an option offered by the teacher, I will definitely pick the basic one I just don’t want to hurt myself. Due to my special condition of my back issue not every yoga teacher will come over, adjust me or give me alternatives especially in a mass class teaching.
Attending different classes also open my eyes to different teaching style of yoga teachers. Some teachers did create a sequencing that makes me feel extremely good after attending their classes. I started to aware the magic of different poses that will help my spine in different way. It is not just motivating me to get a deeper understanding in different asana and the effect of it, but also want to spread the benefit of it to people near me who also suffering different pain and condition.
After 20 days classes in Tirisula, I found my physical condition changes, my deltoid shape comes out sharply and I feel the lightness in my spine and through out my whole body. I am doing the most physical workout in my life up till now in these 20 days. It is not just giving better idea for what yoga actually but also open me the door to different possibility in the future.
I never imagine what I will turn to be after 25 days of training but it definitely give me more and more passion to continuous my practice in a better way to either myself or to those who need my helps. I also get the satisfaction in managing different new poses in the yoga journey. The feeling of conquering your own fear and gaining trust to yourself.
Mika cheung 200YTTC weekday( march)

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