Third eye vision

When Master Paalu introduced the concept of third eye in the theory class, I got a bit frustrated. I studied and worked in vision science for seven years. The held deep belief on the mechanisms of the visual pathway, the reasons how we are able to see things. In short, it originated from the light signals projected on the retina (back of the eye), traveling down to the optic nerve, optic tract, optic radius and arrive at the visual cortex in occipital lobe as electrical signals. The visual cortex then analyze the input to give us vision. Therefore, I was quite shocked when Master Paalu said he can see things others cannot see or even see with his eyes closed. This just cannot be explained by the science I learnt. But I told myself to be open-minded as there are so many issues that cannot be solved by science.
I tried to seek a possible cause of the third eye vision. We all know that blind people have particular sensentive hearing, tactile and smelling sensations. The reason is that the visual cortext in blind people gets involved in the process of the singals coming from other sensations. Our brain is smart enough to re-wiring the paths of incoming signals, instead of letting the big area of visual cortext do nothing. It might be possible that the visual cortex got stimulated by energies or signals coming from somewhere else bypassing the physical eyes.
With my own practice, I wish I could experience the third eye vision one day ☺
Carina Wang
YTT200 Sep 2017

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