Finding a new understanding of myself with Tirisula

I had only practiced Bikram Yoga until I joined Tirisula Yoga teacher training course. The course opened my eyes about Yoga. My first week was like opening Christmas presents, full of excitement, full of new learning. I began to feel that my body and my breathing changed to open another aspect to my life. I called it the magical zone. The feeling of my mind and body working together with nothing else perceived in the moment is energising. It was inspiring to see myself inch forward to holding longer and stronger Asanas each day. Previously my favourite activity was boxing. I never thought to myself I would love Yoga so much. Practicing my way to the next level is absolutely mind clearing. After one particularly good Yoga practice I feel like my body floated. One must learn the right way to use their hands in downward dog and other inverted poses and consider if the pose is comfortable, challenge or if it pushing too hard and flirting with injury. My two master Yoga teachers and my Yoga classmates have introduced me to new experiences for which I am truly grateful.

Ocna (200 Hr TTC May 2017) 

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