Experiencing meditation

Meditation is very hard to explain, it’s like trying to explain a color to a blind person. We try to empty our mind and try very hard not to think about anything but we still have little voices chitchatting in the back of our head, “am I not thinking anymore? am I doing the right thing” and so on. It’s very hard to still our mind. To understand the process of meditation, the best way is to experience it. That’s what we did. I will try to relate my own experience as best as I can but it will always be very different for another person.
We were a group of 10 people, together in one room. Although it was daytime, the room was pretty dark, as we had closed the windows and the shutters to cut us off from the noises and distractions of the outside world. Our yogi master asked us to talk nonsense for 30 minutes straight. We could move around, stand, walk, sit, lie down, cry, laugh, shout or do anything we felt like to but we had to talk complete nonsense, no sentences had to be formed, a bit like little kids playing baby talk. We were asked to do that so our mind would stop thinking, our feelings, tensions and everything else from our unconsciousness would come out without us thinking about it. After 30 minutes of talking like that, it seems like the mind becomes numb.
At the beginning I couldn’t stop myself from thinking. I was thinking about what nonsense word I was going to say, was I going to stand, talk loud or soft, but after a while my mind got use to it and a nonsense pattern came in and I wasn’t thinking anymore. I decided to remain sitting. My mouth was moving automatically and sounds were just coming out. I had to close my eyes to stay focus. I couldn’t look at other people or it would have distracted me. At first I felt a bit shy because other people were around me but very soon I didn’t care. I was even carried further by this mumbling noise from everybody else talking. I felt a bit tired, like if I was doing a physical exercise. When the 30 minutes ended, we had to stop talking, sit in padmasana for 15 minutes, both hands on top of the knees in chin mudra, our eyes closed and observed. I felt very strange, a bit like after running for a very long time but without the physical tiredness. My mind was still, I had no thoughts. I was visualizing blue waves in my head, like a slow tide coming in, like a brush painting inside my eyelid. It was very calming and soothing. Then we had to lie down in savasana for 15 more minutes. After a few minutes I couldn’t feel my body anymore, it was like it had disappeared. I was floating in a soft place, feeling very relaxed, so relaxed it was like sleeping, still conscious though of where I was but very detached. Nothing was bothering me nor distracting me. I was just lying. Our yogi Master woke us up with chanting a “om” and we all sat up. There was a very strange feeling in the room, we were all very calm, relaxed and connected. I felt like we had shared something, we had united somewhere during the meditation.

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  1. A very interesting approach. It seems like the mental version of a yoga class. Using activity to open up to be prepared to accept the benefits that flow. A very wise teacher.

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