How time pass, early September, that mark the end of our 23days intensive course. That is one moment in my life that I will not forget. Perspiration, joy, laughter, friends, teachers, asanas, cakes, indian food, sanskrit and not forgetting my life time partner -Breathe!!! All these make up the time of my year 2012. The first week was tough, my poor stamina and slightly anaemic condition has made me an even weaker person.
Thoughts of “breathe……breathing too shallow….breathe deeply…every word still rings  and I know it will always remained in me. For it has somehow helped to find a New Me and the perseverance to go through this phase that has indeed awaken me physically and mentally. Apart from that, we have lots of fun, laughter, funny jokes, stories and encouragement that come from the trainers and friends when sometimes we are down and lethargic. It really brighten up the other half of a day. Remembering our first food field trip to little india, it was my first time stepping into an indian restaurant with a menu I do not understand…how ironical for someone who lives in a multi-racial culture. Nevertheless, I have totally enjoyed the food and company tremendously. Weekends are made more memorable by those lovely cakes and muffins savoured by everyone baked with joy and heart by our dear petite and yet strong gal. You know who you are : )
Last but not least, I wish all my fellow mates the very best in their future endeavours. Keep it up and continue to strive for all we have learnt about Yoga!! To all the trainers/teachers, appreciate your sharing and impartment of  knowledge to us!! ; )

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