Experience of 200YTT

2 months ago I found myself walking up the stairs of Tirisula registering myself for a 200YTT course. With a thought behind my head, “I’m going to learn how to do yoga with a proper alignment and which are the actual muscle need in all the poses. If you get an opportunity to teach, why not right? Such a win win situation”.
After the 1st day class, the 1st thought that ran through my mind was “what did I get myself into, I can’t do all those boot camp exercise”. Later to find out that is it how the Master Paalu wants to gage our level of fitness & strength. I was cold dead on the bed by 9.00pm that night itself, and surprisingly that is the best sleep ever since donkey years ago.
Week 2, I missed my 1st morning Asana. Felt guilty and uneasy after one week of hard work. I am glad that I have a bunch of helpful fun batch mate that willing to share what I had missed out. Slowly easing into week 3, waking up before alarm ringing off the hook became easier. Now standard bed time is 11.00pm latest, feels so good to be able to sleep at normal hours after having a lifestyle of odd hours sleeping patterns.
Finally reaching week 5 where we were thought how to plan our lesson plan and apply it on our batch mates, nervous as hell of course. Well lucky me I have a yogi buddy Carrie Bendi to work together through our 5 lesson planning. Being each other lab rat for poses and sequences was fun.
Of course teaching 5 lesson plans wasn’t easy. It’s definitely wasn’t easy for me for being either too casual or too clinical. I lost it after my 5th teaching trial, glad that Hui Yen had share with me the purpose of their comment is to help me to find the best in myself.
Finally, yayy I pass my assessment having Master throwing me a ad hoc pose to teach. My new found favorite arm balancing pose, Astavakrasana. Yes still have to thank my yogi buddy been sharing so much and helping me with arm balancing pose for the past 5 weeks. Teaching level unlock.
Now I have to study hard to embrace tomorrow’s Asana test & of course the anatomy (why human body is so complicated), sigh! Good luck January 200YTT batch!
XOXO from Evelyn

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