What do you expect?

Expectation is a funny thing – it can be either encouraging or damaging. And it is really that thin line drawn across between happiness and sadness, love and hatred. Happiness and sadness coexist together, because without happiness, there would not be sadness, without love, there wouldnt be hatred.  Many times we have expectations (towards others) and many times we get disappointed if the outcome is not as what we expected.  Ask yourself how many times you are disappointed because of your own expectation towards others are not being met. If we offer something and expect something in return, we are just inviting disappointment.
Like the saying “we are our own biggest enermy”  – People never want to look at whats wrong with them, they always ask “Whats wrong with you?” .  We often blame the external factors which cannot be controlled- instead of asking ourselves if we have set the wrong expectation, we react instead of response. And as long as expectation is present, the vicious cycle just goes on and on.
The good news is – we can always control the way we respond and learn to be responsible for our own thoughts. Change is the only constant. The same person that can make you happy would also make you sad, expect nothing in return, take away the hidden meaning, the hidden agenda, give without looking for appreciation – This is Saucha – purity of thoughts.  Get into action with no expectation from others, mind your own business and you will find yourself gaining the ability to focus and shine in life (for yourself).
Serene Ang
200hr TTC (July 2013 Weekday)

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