Today I acknowledge that the only obstacle to me having privacy in my house of 3 children is myself. I am the obstacle. Consciously and unconsciously we like to give ourselves all kinds of excuses why we cannot commit to our discipline; yet though we are aware of our predicament we choose to let our mind find excuses for us not doing. The only reason I am not doing is ME. This only master of me is ME. Talk about ego. Well aren’t we our own biggest and fiercest enemy? It only take us to Master this mind of ours and this ego of ours to hoping attaining peace. Repression or suppression is not the answer indeed how resistant are we against the force of our own SELF? It’ s more a mastering/controlling of the mind with a velvet glove that is needed here. We become seducer of our own mind to have it work with us for the best of our own interest instead of against the self.

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