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Empower your practice, empower women. Picture 5
Together with Alice in DOT’s World Pte Ltd, we’ve designed and produced the perfect fuss-free yoga mat bag. Each bag has been lovingly handmade and blockprinted by underprivileged women in Sanlaap, Calcutta.
Made of 100% organic cotton, these functional bags come in two sizes – small for travel mats and large for regular mats up to 26” wide. The zippered compartment allows for easy insertion of your rolled up mat.
An external pocket provides a convenient place for your phone, spare change and muesli bar (yum yum). This pocket was also  intentionally kept plain to give you room to get creative and make your mat bag your very own. So go crazy with fabric paint, iron-on patches, pins…
As you make your way to yoga class with your new bag, know that you’ve helped change the lives of women in India.

About Alice in DOT’s World Pte Ltd (ADW)
ADW is a social enterprise that designs and produces handmade apparel, accessories and gifts, providing employment to women trained and referred through Daughters Of Tomorrow’s Livelihood Programs. ADW believes in bringing sustainable and regular income to their employees through ethical business and a supportive employment culture.
Find out more at www.DaughtersOfTomorrow.com

These Handmade Mat Bags are exclusively available at our online store (www.yogafixe.com) and the following locations:
– Yogafixe Shop @ Tirisula Yoga, 80B Arab Street
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