Everyone’s journey is different

Yoga is a personal journey, and everyone’s journey is different.

There is no need to compare.

These are what I often hear my yoga teachers say.

This idea that everyone’s journey (in life) is different and that it is not some sort of competition resonates with me. We are inherently different individuals, so why would our (life) journeys be the same?

I believe in embracing and learning from differences. Differences in opinions, differences in responses to situations, differences/deviations from our usual way of being or our expectations. It is only in appreciating differences that new perspectives, creative solutions and innovation emerge, and compassion cultivated.

In our lifetime, we may not be able to do all the yoga poses in the world. Some asanas may feel impossible for you but a piece of cake for others. But always know that that is okay. Be gentle to yourself. Perhaps, we should instead try to observe and learn from the experience, we may discover something new about our selves or our bodies.

Put in my best efforts, experience the process, accept the outcome and maybe learn a thing or two from it.