My Entrance To Yoga

As a former magazine lifestyle journalist, I was exposed to many trending activities including yoga. My yoga journey started after I wrote an article on new studios opening seven years ago. The initial intent was purely out of novelty. The hip and cool perceived image of a yogi allured me. Though the reason was superficial, I believed it would benefit me physically in the long run. The urge to master challenging poses quickly and a competitive mind that distracted me on the mat were the constant hurdles. Though there was progression in my training, it didn’t bring me far. Two year after I started practicing, I was advised to take a break from yoga after being diagnosed with a slipped disc condition due to other sports activities. That was when I thought I was not suited for it.

During the hiatus, I had the chance to interview a therapist who uses yoga as a form of treatment for cancer patients. The conversation with her rekindled my interest for yoga. But this time round, the intent was different- I wanted to understand yoga better and to do what I can in a progressive manner. The existing injuries kept me alert during practice and made my senses more aware of my body. My competitive nature was steered to a new direction- to challenge oneself and to be a better version than before.  I felt I needed to take those two steps back in order to move forward with one.

I toyed with the idea of taking up an instructor course several times but I wasn’t sure if I could be a good enough one. I once asked a teacher, Copper Crow, if I’m ready for an instructor course and his answer gave me a new perspective. He said “the best student does not necessary make the best teacher and the best teacher does not necessary mean he used to be a good student.”

I picked up my courage to join the 200YTT with Yoco when my friend asked me to join her. Ever since then, I’ve not looked back.