Engaging your Uddiyana Bandha

In Sanskrit, Uddiyana means to fly up or to rise up. This lock is thus all about your insides flying upwards, intangibly meaning your energy, tangibly meaning your diaphragm, stomach, and abdominal organs.
Here’s how you do a Uddiyana Bandha. Make sure you have an empty stomach when you do this.
– Exhale your breath, then draw your abdomen in and up without taking in any breath.
– Suck the belly up and under the rib cage.
And there, you’re in Uddiyana Bandha.
Benefits of Uddiyana Bandha
– Remedy for abdominal and stomach ailments, from constipation to indigestion.
– Stimulates your digestive juices, thus increasing your metabolism, and tones your overworked abdominal organs.
– Balances the adrenal system, relieving stress, lethargy and tension.
– And best of all, it is the sure fire way to get flat washboard abs without ever doing any crunches.
Engaging Uddiyana Bandha during asanas moves the energy upwards, thus allowing you to invert and jump more easily, as well as float forward and back more lightly, and twist more deeply.
Try Uddiyana in Downward Dog pose. By doing so, you will immediately find the extra space allowing you to lengthen your spine more and point your tailbone up.
Go ahead. Try it! 🙂
(A word of caution though, menstruating and pregnant women should not do this bandha. Those with high blood pressure and heart conditions should avoid this too.)
Michelle Lee (200hr Yoga TTC 07/14 Weekend)

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